Randy Tucker, Chief Marketing Officer / Vice President of Marketing


I am an experienced senior management team member.  As a consultant, I have functioned in a number of senior management level positions which have provided me with extensive business development experience.  One of those areas of experience is the development and management of highly producing marketing and sales programs and teams.

I am comfortable designing the messaging and brand development assets required to market a product or service. Social media program development is a particular strength.  I have created and presented a Marketing for Business Leaders series where I teach business leaders about social media.  I help leaders understand and develop an image of how these social channels make a world of difference.

Developing programs utilizing traditional campaigns as well as newer tactics are frequently my responsibility.

I am familiar and comfortable with utilization of the tools available to measure ROI and the effect of marketing campaigns and sales channels on revenue streams.

My client, team and executive communications skills are well mastered to communicate on multiple levels.  My particular strength is my ability to help C-level partners and other teams synthesize conflicting needs into a cohesive, coherent, and actionable plan.

I am experienced in the design & delivery of cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions in support of rapid financial growth companies. My experience includes many industries including technology, manufacturing and professional services. My strengths include systems selection, implementation and maintenance including on-premise and SaaS systems architecture.

As the owner of a CRM systems VAR (value added reseller) organization for 25+ years, I have direct experience developing and implementing technology direction internally as well as with/for clients. This includes placing and implementing systems and software. Software development using Agile methodology is frequently used so I am very familiar with it.

I have typically completed 25-50 software technology installations per year. These implementations include web based applications (SaaS) as well as SaaS integrated with on-premise servers/services. It is common practice to develop specifications, propose solutions, design and implement “bridge applications” where dis-similar software is connected virtually.

My involvement in a number of corporate environments has provided me with hands-on experience in product development, marketing and production.  As a customer relationship management systems specialist, I have been involved in the front-end marketing of products and services as well as building sales processes and teams to complete the product life cycle.  I know that as a leader one must understand the entire process as well as be an expert at his/her own focus.

My skills include the ability to build internal and external (contracted) teams to accomplish corporate growth goals.

I am a responsible decision maker with a solid understanding of corporate policy and technical direction. My teams meet business growth while maintaining agency and regulatory compliance. As a member of the C-team of multiple companies, I am skilled in bringing together disparate opinions and goals to achieve success.

A resume (pdf) may be found here.

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