Social Media for Established Business Leaders

This workshop series is directed at business owners/leaders who have experienced 10-20 years of business operations, although that is not a requirement as all are invited to participate.  The series is intended for those who manage businesses yielding $2-$10 million per year.

If you can relate to this age and experience you are likely –

  • Finding marketing has changed and yours is suffering
  • Feeling a bit of frustration trying to use social media channels for business growth
  • Asking why your marketing doesn’t seem to work

Program Structure

This is an online workshop series consisting of 6 sessions to provide you with a complete course beginning with setting up your social media identities and progressing to growing your business using social media channels and more.  You’ll learn the techniques of social media conversations and develop a methodology of  reliable communication habits that grow your business presence and yield results.

Some of the topics we’ll be sharing:

  • How do traditional methods of marketing compare to social media?
  • Defining where to start , guidance and assistance in getting established online
  • Develop your Why, your Where, your When, and your Who… by knowing How
  • Techniques of communicating to Build Your Business Community
  • Turning Social to Business – “Gathering Eyes”

Register Today – Limited Availability

Groups are limited to 10 members and we are currently enrolling a limited number of groups, as this ensures each member gets the most value possible out of each session.

  • $297 – Full 6-week program
  • Interactive online weekly meetings – setup and tools included

Attendees say…..

  • “This course helped me move out of feeling dumb… to knowing what I am doing… and making business happen…”
  • “Interesting, it really isn’t so different from those tools I used to use…..”
  • “Amazing how once you described and showed the methods, I could jump to action…”
  • “Now that I understand, I have gotten my sales team active, or shall I say we’re all working together and I am supporting their tweets, links and posts….”
  • “In the past 3 months alone, we’ve increased our sales by 5-10% just because I completed the course, … man why didn’t I do this sooner?….”
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