Product Development & Project Management

Many businesses get into a position of needing to complete a new product development or re-engineer an existing product or program but just don’t have the budget to hire an experienced professional to the team.  I can help.

I provide services as a contract Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), or Chief Operations Officer (COO).  These services are provided in 5-20 hours per week (more when needed) increments.  I am fully incorporated and qualify as an independent service provider…. no funny IRS issues to deal with.

I have provided temporary, part-time professional experience for hundreds of clients over the last 28 years.  Are you ready to excel?

What I will do for you:


If you need an experienced techinal leader with a fully developed toolkit

that is ready to build or rebuild your business or products

CALL 805-285-3875 or Email Today

Together we can:


We Can…..(just an example)

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