Business Building Groups

Our Business Building Groups are many times referred to as  “Board of Advisors” for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

These are ongoing meetings where you will be participating to the benefit of your business and others. You will share habits, good and best, with leaders of businesses of all types.  The benefit to you is insight by others than have experience in areas you may have difficulty with.  Sharing knowledge with other professionals allow you to magnify your successes and avoid the pitfalls of new directives.

Topics are presented in a structured manner for the 1st 60 days, after which the group is invited to modify the agenda and guide for the benefit of the group.  Your peers, your ideas, your success…….

– As a Group You Will –

  • Create/Review Your Business Plan & Create an Operating Plan
  • Define Actions to Meet Your Business Plan Goals
  • Define Your Market
  • Determine How to Identify and Communicate with your Prospects & Existing Clients
  • Develop Targeting Strategies & Tactics
  • Execute your plan using a CRM system for Action and Measurement
  • Review Results & Adjust for Success

You will be utilizing the online content and resources to “tune” your business processes.

Many of our group members extend their power and success by working with a professional coach 1:1.  Augmenting the online tools and group meetings, you will find our coaches add that personal touch and professional experience that takes you to the pinnacle.

Past members learned how NO COST utilities could be used to generate immediate revenue.  As an example, one attendee implemented a small advertising program – “over the wire” that provided new business that he had been targeting for a number of years.  He increased his total business revenue by 4%.  That might not appear huge, but this was a small business with over $2 million per year in sales already.  The increases occured with no increased labor or material cost!

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