Executane programs are focused on helping you take your business to the next level. By working with experienced group leaders and expert speakers, each group member gets the knowledge and action map they need to move forward with the focus of the program.

Special Program – Developing Successful Social Media Strategies

The social media strategies program will begin with a comparison of the most valued historic marketing techniques and how those map to modern social media platforms.  By understanding how this new realm relates to those historic strategies, you will create habits to make social your strategic and tactical sales toolkit.

Learn to enjoy the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social communication channels where you may feel unsure of yourself today.

Learn to create your service or product identity and become “the source” for the user.

By creating a solid understanding of the tools available and applying solid strategies through consistent tactics, you will  create value for your organization by building trust, familiarity and business with new and existing clients.

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Social Media for Established Business Leaders

This workshop series is directed at business owners/leaders who have experienced 10-20 years of business operations, although that is not a requirement as all are invited to participate.  The series is intended for those who manage businesses yielding $2-$25 million sales revenue per year.

If you can relate to this age and experience you are likely –

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Business Building Groups

Business Building Groups are smaller groups, traditionally 3-5 business leaders, intended to provide that personal touch and valued opinions from those who may have been in your position.  Learning from others and sharing experience can give you insights to successful methods of growing value for your business.  These groups are presented in a structured approach to maximize each members time.

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Growth Partner Program

For those who need a more personalized and focused approach to business planning and problem resolution, we offer the Growth Partner Program.  This program provides 1 on 1 coaching and consulting.  Our professional consultants work with you to identify needs, develop action plans, and progress actions to resolution and business growth.

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Need assistance to understand which program will benefit you most? Take a moment, right now, to complete your action, Contact Us online or call the number at the top right of your screen. As you can see here, our approach is OPEN up the possibilities of success by doing it now!  Do not waste a moment as they really are limited.

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