The Executane Workshops provide attendees with the high octane fuel needed to build new or existing businesses.  Fuel that makes the engines run at high efficiency – your business engine.

Learn how successful business leaders drive growth in their organizations


Social Media for Established Business Leaders

A workshop for business owners who have experienced 10-20 years of business operations.  This course is intended for those who manage businesses yielding $2-$10 million per year.  If you can relate to this age and experience you are likely –

  • Feeling a bit of frustration trying to use social media channels for business growth
  • Confused about how to create business from 140 characters
  • Not gaining new clients and it seems more difficult each quarter
  • Finding the telephones don’t ring as much
  • Working harder and receiving fewer results
  • Finding marketing has changed and yours is suffering
  • Asking why your marketing doesn’t seem to work

This is an online workshop series consisting of 6 sessions to provide you with a complete course beginning with setting up your social media identities and progressing to growing your business with the social media channels.  Learn to develop a methodology and reliable pattern to grow your business.

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“From 80/20 to 1 in a Million”

  • We will share tools and techniques for identifying the most valuable customers, not just the most vocal and visible.
  • You will learn how to find information that you already have but just don’t know it.
  • We’ll help you determine, the right approach, to the right people, at the right time, with the right information.
  • You will learn to know, not just predict, where your business revenue will originate over the next 12 months.
  • Learn why planning may not make perfect but not planning will most certainly make your goals get lost!


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