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You think fine tuning your ‘offer’ is a waste of time.

You think people already know who you are and what you do. Think again. Even the most identifiable businesses have identity challenges.

Consider the dry cleaner. We all ‘know’ that it’s a place to bring our wrinkled pants and shirts. But my dry cleaner told me just the other day, of a range of services I had no idea he offered – drapes, blinds, carpets and more. Your business, like the emerging person you are in relationships, needs to be continually articulated.

Discover who you really are, today. And then, let everyone know. Keep it current.

Here’s a nice little piece from Seth Godin:

When I meet you or your company or your product or your restaurant or your
website, I desperately need to put it into an existing category, because the
mental cost of inventing a new category for every new thing I see is too

I am not alone in this need. In fact, that’s the way humans survive the
onslaught of newness we experience daily.

Of course, you can refuse to be categorized. You can insist that it’s unfair
that people judge you like this, that the categories available to you are
too constricting and that your organization and your offering are too unique
to be categorized.

If you make this choice, the odds are you will be categorized anyway. But
since you didn’t participate, you will be miscategorized, which is far worse
than being categorized.

So choose.

What is this thing? What are you like? Are you friend or foe, flake or
leader, good deal or ripoff, easy or hard, important or not? Are you
destined for the trusted category or the other one?

Make it easy to categorize you and you’re likely to end up in the category
you are hoping for.

Seth Godin, Seth’s blog

From a message provided by Stephen W. Frueh PhD


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