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Are you still using an old style in your marketing initiatives? By “old” I mean postal mailers, facsimile  and similar methods.  In years past, those techniques worked, and they worked well.  But today they just don’t make it any longer.  Think about it, when was the last time you got a piece of paper from a fax machine?  In fact, do you even have a fax machine any longer?  I suspect not.  Sure, your printer may function as a fax machine and you may get faxes in your email but there’s still no paper.

Getting a fax via email should be your marketing ah ha signal!  Maybe you should be communicating via email in the first place, no more faxes.  Or, maybe its time to move to 140 characters with your marketing. Clients and customers just don’t have the time they had 10 years ago, they’re busy racing around the business trying to produce more with fewer resources.  We’re so rushed now-a-days that it is no wonder that we have begun to accept communicating in 140 characters.  Ever wonder why people use these 140 character communication mechanisms?  Maybe it’s just necessary to facilitate the short breaks we have in our normal schedules.

140 characters is the maximum length of a message on Twitter – the 8th most visited website in the world!!!  So if the majority of internet users accept and visit Twitter and deal with 140 character communications of information tidbits daily, can you afford to attempt to send an entire page of information?  Do you believe it will get the time of day? It certainly doesn’t look like it. Think about it, when was the last time you read a printed page of advertising?  All of these signals should be telling you that it’s time to get shorter and more concise in your marketing. The social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others are ideal for communicating with new customers that have no time to read pages of marketing messages.

Those in business 10-20 years don’t see how this is possible but it’s time to begin believing. In fact, its time to get with it or get lost!  Learn to communicate with your next customers in this manner.  The messages may be short but they can be very effective in delivering concise information to your next customer.  By learning a few habits and techniques you can make the difference in your business.

By developing your social media identities and communicating regularly with planned direction and goals you will enjoy success.  We recommend that new users of social media as a business development tool proceed slowly, cautiously and with care. Done properly, according to the “rules” and etiquette, you will see your business grow.

We offer an online course for those wishing to learn to utilize social media to build new business contacts, connections and customers.  If you are looking for ways to learn how to capitalize on this new communication, check out the Social Media for Established Business Leaders course.  Thousands of business professionals enjoy social media marketing and relationship building, join them today.

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