Moving through the Small Business Day – Gaining Productivity

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Do you begin your day by prioritizing? If so, congratulations you are likely a top achiever. If not, I suspect you feel those end-of-day frustrations regularly; read on as we believe this is a simple solution, it’s helped many of our clients.

In most SMB’s (Small Medium Businesses) the pace of the day is far beyond fast, its supersonic! Meaning things happen faster than one can hear about them. (You thought supersonic only applied to aircraft!)

If you feel like your are always pressed for time, behind the curve and so on, its likely due to your methods of handling those business issues. They’re likely handled at speed and in a sloppy manner. Planning, even ever so briefly allows one to apply a bit more focus, apply the proper skills, handle those “fire fights” and finally accomplish goals on a daily basis.

Want to feel like you are getting things done? Try this exercise for 5 business days. This is a simple workflow. Sure, it’s not complex but it is a simplistic workflow. As you get better at this, your workflow will begin to look more like traditional workflows are visualized.

The Process: First thing in the morning, and I do mean first, grab a notebook and pen. Make this your only notebook for your daily notes and a reference task list. Jot down 1/2 dozen tasks or projects you need to address TODAY. DO NOT do more than 6. Remember you are human and not superhero, don’t over commit yourself.

As you write, make sure you write EXACTLY what you need to get completed TODAY. I suggest using a “TaskName:” format. Do not succumb to the desire to over complicate the task or the description by writing paragraphs; you only need enough description to jog your memory. The key is to get these tasks fully completed TODAY. So, break a project down into steps if necessary. As you progress through your day, use your notebook for notes, check off when you complete each of those 6 tasks. At the end of the day, review and grade yourself on how many check marks you have. Those are completed tasks. Don’t get disappointed if you did not complete 6. Use this system to understand why you did not. What got in the way? Why? Did you do create a task that is too complex for a 1 time completion? If so, adjust your expectation tomorrow.

We are training you to build habit and feel like you’re accomplishing your goals, personally and for business.

Want assistance in implementing a process of this technique? Contact us at or call 805-285-3875.

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