How to Choose the Right Software For Your Business

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In this episode of Better Business Podcast, we discuss how current business culture and flow are important factors for selecting the right technology and software for your business.

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Changing or implementing new technology and software in your business can be a large and unwelcome task to staff and management. Randy Tucker explains how current business culture and flow are important factors for selecting the right technology or software for your business.

Important Considerations When Selecting A Business Tool

Interviewer: Thank you for talking with me today Randy. Today, I kind of want to talk about how to choose the right technology and software for your business. Specifically, I’m hoping that you can describe for us what considerations are important when choosing technology, or really any type of solution for a business?

Randy: There are many considerations, as you can imagine. We have clients come to us saying, “I need a CRM system,” or, “I need an accounting system or a shipping system.” Really it comes down to this; you’ve got to look at the entire picture of business process that they’re trying to address.

Identify the problem area – You know, one of the questions that many times I ask is, “What’s the pain you’re trying to address?” And a lot of times you find out the pain they’re trying to address has nothing to do with the software, or what they just asked you. So, we really look at the whole picture.

  • Many times its there CRM or the customer relationship management. Or
  • It could be accounting, where they need to direct their accounting and profitability better.
  • But more times than not, it really becomes a combination of software systems.

Implement corrective measures – Now, a lot of times when we say, “Oh, you need a software system,” people go, “Oh, my goodness. That’s going to be very expensive.” Well, it’s not. There’s a saying – how do you eat an elephant – a bite at a time? So;

  • We go in and we take one bite, and a lot of times that will be that lead management sales generation system. That’s part of the CRM system.
  • Then we’ll talk about the customer buying process, and processing of the sale. That’s the CRM again.
  • And now it starts to encroach into that accounting area.
  • And then we talk about okay, you’ve got a customer. You’ve got to service that customer. You’ve got to know what products they have, and know how to help them.
  • Then we come back to that CRM kind of tool again, and that’s a little higher in to the CRM, where you’ve got customer service, ticketing what’s sometimes called “service tickets,” or “service orders.”

Align the overall business processes – These systems have to go with the process of the business. Now, a lot of times that means the business process needs to be tuned up, as well. Because, as you start to grow and put systems like this in place;

  • You’ve got to change the habits and the way you do things
  • You can’t do those exception things all the time, if you expect the business to grow.

So, choosing the right technology means defining what is the business process that you’re trying to strengthen or maybe stabilize. If it’s in a kind of a bad situation it’s stabilization. But usually, it’s a strengthening of you business process.

You know, we know we need to make another jump in productivity and profitability in the ability to service our customers. And to do that, we’ve got to know what we’re doing. So, we again, look at the business process to determine what is the right technology.

Ensure The Business Model Is In-Sync With New Technology

Interviewer: So, do you feel you kind of pick the technology to go with the business model versus the business model to fit the technology?

Randy: You do. You have to kind of mold both sides.

  • You can’t expect a 10, 20 year old business – as it exists,  to change drastically to fit in to some software model that you’ve recently got.
  • Likewise, you don’t want to create a custom software, or to fit a business that’s non-standard.

So, it really becomes a model, a fitting that you have to kind of fit.

  • What’s going to be best from a company standpoint is its ability to operate and be profitable, and
  • From an economic standpoint, that you’re not paying for a lot of custom software?

There are many commercially available softwares available to do most jobs. And if you focus on the pieces and fit it together properly;

  • It does not have to be difficult
  • It does not have to be expensive, and
  • It does not have to take years to accomplish.

It can be done fairly quick.

Interviewer: I have a feeling that there are a lot of people out there that just breathe a sigh of relief to hear that. So, I’m sure that’s a good thing for them to hear. Thank you so much, Randy, and we look forward to talking with you again.

Randy: You’re welcome. Thank you very much.

We Are Happy To Help

You can contact us for more details on how to go about reviewing various business softwares available in the market. We can help you choose the best tools and recommend getting a customized software if that’s what suits your business model the best.


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