How to Streamline Your Business Development Process

Posted by in Podcast | June 1, 2014


Having an effective business development process is very important to grow your organization. In this episode of Better Business Podcast, Randy Tucker shares  insights on how you can actually streamline much of that business development process to grow your business much faster and more effectively.

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Don’t Build an Unsellable Business

Posted by in Podcast,Sales | May 15, 2014


When you work to build a business, you want to make sure you’re building something truly valuable i.e. valuable to someone running the business on your behalf or selling it to someone once you decide to retire or move on to a new business. In this episode of Better Business Podcast, Randy Tucker shares something you need to be aware of today, to make sure your business is valuable to someone interested in buying it from you.

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Importance of Performance Metrics In A Business

Posted by in Podcast | May 1, 2014


Do you have certain metrics in place that reflect the state of your buiness at a given time? Well defined performance metrics reflect exactly what is happening within a business and what areas you may need to focus on. In this episode of Better Business Podcast, Randy Tucker shares specific insights on how to start using metrics effectively in your business.

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How to Develop a Hiring and Onboarding Process

Posted by in Podcast | April 15, 2014

Hiring qualified employees is imperative for any business to grow and take it to the next level and an efficient hiring and onboarding process can help you bring the right kind of people into your company. In this episode of Better Business Podcast, Randy Tucker shares specific things to do to have an effective hiring and onboarding process.

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Benefits of a Business Peer Group

Posted by in Podcast | April 1, 2014

If you are running a business, you need people to guide you, exchanges ideas with and help overcome unique business challenges. In this episode of the Better Business Podcast, Randy Tucker shares what a business peer group is and how it can help your business.


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Use Social Media in Your Sales Process

Posted by in Podcast,Sales,social media | March 15, 2014

Social media can help you generate more sales, especially if you integrate it into your sales process. In this episode of the Better Business Podcast, Randy Tucker shares specific ways you can get information about your prospects via social media and how you can use that information to make your sales process more effective.


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How to Choose the Right Software For Your Business

Posted by in Podcast,Software | March 1, 2014

In this episode of Better Business Podcast, we discuss how current business culture and flow are important factors for selecting the right technology and software for your business.

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How to Improve a Sales Team

Posted by in Podcast,Sales | February 13, 2014

In this episode of Better Business Podcast, we talk about specific ways to setup and improve a sales team and important things to implement or avoid when managing sales teams.

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Moving through the Small Business Day – Gaining Productivity

Posted by in Uncategorized | September 10, 2013

Do you begin your day by prioritizing? If so, congratulations you are likely a top achiever. If not, I suspect you feel those end-of-day frustrations regularly; read on as we believe this is a simple solution, it’s helped many of our clients.

In most SMB’s (Small Medium Businesses) the pace of the day is far beyond fast, its supersonic! Meaning things happen faster than one can hear about them. (You thought supersonic only applied to aircraft!)

If you feel like your are always pressed for time, behind the curve and so on, its likely due to your methods of handling those business issues. They’re likely handled at speed and in a sloppy manner. Planning, even ever so briefly allows one to apply a bit more focus, apply the proper skills, handle those “fire fights” and finally accomplish goals on a daily basis.

Want to feel like you are getting things done? Try this exercise for 5 business days. This is a simple workflow. Sure, it’s not complex but it is a simplistic workflow. As you get better at this, your workflow will begin to look more like traditional workflows are visualized.

The Process: First thing in the morning, and I do mean first, grab a notebook and pen. Make this your only notebook for your daily notes and a reference task list. Jot down 1/2 dozen tasks or projects you need to address TODAY. DO NOT do more than 6. Remember you are human and not superhero, don’t over commit yourself.

As you write, make sure you write EXACTLY what you need to get completed TODAY. I suggest using a “TaskName:” format. Do not succumb to the desire to over complicate the task or the description by writing paragraphs; you only need enough description to jog your memory. The key is to get these tasks fully completed TODAY. So, break a project down into steps if necessary. As you progress through your day, use your notebook for notes, check off when you complete each of those 6 tasks. At the end of the day, review and grade yourself on how many check marks you have. Those are completed tasks. Don’t get disappointed if you did not complete 6. Use this system to understand why you did not. What got in the way? Why? Did you do create a task that is too complex for a 1 time completion? If so, adjust your expectation tomorrow.

We are training you to build habit and feel like you’re accomplishing your goals, personally and for business.

Want assistance in implementing a process of this technique? Contact us at or call 805-285-3875.

Making LinkedIn your Marketing BFF

Posted by in LinkedIn | May 22, 2013

I recently came across a blog article that seems to be reinforcement of a position we’ve developed for ourselves at Executane.

With all the social media noise it’s hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff, but this one is certainly high quality grain!

Take a look at this quick summary and think about how you might improve your image and professional standing.

Do you agree with the position?  Let us know your comments.