Executane for Growing Business

Executane Business Development

Executane’s specialists assist businesses with changes in direction and development of growth programs. Together we make success happen!

It can be difficult for an internal owner/manager to steer in a different direction.  As an external management team, we have the skills, tools, and abilities to work with your team and turn the business away from the “same as usual” path and into an exciting and profitable path.  We work with the management to develop clear, realistic goals that can be realized by your team through focus and attention. We work with your team to put in place operational strategies and tactics to achieve those goals.  We work to help you know your realistic numbers and track the results using simple tools.

Our tactics normally include 3-6 month engagements designed to meet specific goals.  Together we will develop an operations plan to clarify the actions needed to achieve the goal(s). You and your team, along with our business consultants, will focus on performing in a manner necessary to reach these goals while preserving existing business.

We act as your contracted CMO, CSO, CTO and COO combined.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will work to drive the demand for your products and services in line with the strategies and using the tactics defined.  The CMO will direct marketing programs to focus on your goals and success.

The Chief Sales Officer (CSO) is responsible for developing a sales methodology and a sales team to capture those desired sales while maintaining existing sales, expanding relationships.

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) will ensure that the proper technologies are properly chosen, implemented and executed successfully by the team.  The CTO also ensures that the team is well trained in utilization of the systems.

Finally, the Chief Operations Officer (COO) works to ensure that the overall processes are well defined, well executed and achieves the necessary milestones for success.

With a clear strategic plan, what we call and “Operations Plan”, and a well defined executable process, your team will achieve the business goals that have been clearly defined.

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